Computer GK Part 1 (Architecture of Computer)

1. The basic functions performed by a computer is /are
(A) Data processing
(B) Data storage
(C) Data movement
(D) All of the above

Ans-(D) All of the above

2.———- Performed the backbone for building successful computer system.
(A) Computer architecture
(B) Computer model
(C) Computer instructions
(D) None of the above

Ans-(A) Computer architecture

3. The first Computer architecture was introduced in
(A) 1970
(B) 1968
(C) 1971
(D) 1973

Ans-(A) 1970

4.Which circuit board is used in all electrinic system such as computer, calculator, digital systems etc?
(A) Architecture
(B) Printer
(C) Register
(D) Value

Ans-(A) Architecture

5. Which of the following is not responsible for the performance of the computer?
(A) Number of keys in the keyboard
(B) Format of the video/ graphics word
(C) Memory in the video/graphics word
(D) The clock speed of the processor

Ans-(A) Number of keys in the keyboard

6. A(n) ——— device is any device that provides information, which is sent to the CPU.
(A) Input
(B) Output
(D) Memory

Ans-(A) Input

7. Which of the following includes as a type of input?
(A) Data
(B) Programs
(C) Commands
(D) All of these

Ans-(D) All of these

8.This component is required to process data into information and consists of integrated circuits.
(A) Hard disk
(B) Ram

Ans-(C) CPU

9. Information that comes from external sources and fed into computer software is called?
(A) Input
(B) Output
(C) Throughout
(D) Reports

Ans-(A) Input

10. Output unit includes
(A) Plotter
(B) Printer
(C) monitor
(D) All of these

Ans-(D) All of these

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